Running Away From That Cliff

I’ve been slipping! Summer makes it really hard to stay on track. I’ve done well with the workouts except for the last week ( vacation week ), but the food and alcohol have been off track for most of the summer!

I did manage to do one morning workout last week, and it’s not like I’m sitting around the rest of the time. We hiked almost every day, went for a 2 hour Kayak paddle one day, I swam EVERY day except one… so there is still activity happening, lets say, but it’s not gaining me anything because at the same time I’m eating poorly, drinking alcohol nightly… I even puffed excessively on the Wife’s Vape one night around the bonfire. WTF!? I haven’t done that in almost a year!

I’m so close to looking and feeling like that walrus in the picture above. Right on the edge of the cliff, about to fall over it and lose it all! I have to get BACK on track. Better than on track, in fact!

The new school year is starting next week in my area, which means my wife is back to work, which means routine, routine, routine! And this guy, he LOVES routines! I’m working on a list of “expectations” of myself for the month of September. That list is below!

  1. No Alcohol. Zero.
  2. No Nicotine. Zero. – I’ve been saying “That no longer serves what I want to become” when I’m tempted!
  3. Monday – Friday, daily morning workouts.
  4. Swim. At least once a day. This is getting harder because it’s getting colder!
  5. 3 square meals a day. No eating after 6pm. Fruit/veg snack at 11am. My regular Almond snack at 3pm.
  6. 2 Posts to this website per week. 1 Mind post, 1 Body post.

That list might be longer as I think of things but for now that is it.

I’m also throwing around the idea of Fasted Tuesdays. I’ve done it twice where I don’t eat from after supper on Monday, until suppertime on Tuesday (so it’s kind of like a 23 hr fast). I didn’t find it really did anything except I had a bit more energy on Tuesday because I didn’t feel full all day. And realistically only doing it here and there wouldn’t have an effect anyway.

Honestly if I stick with what I have listed above then I think that will be a help. That really will be a 16 hour fast every day ( or intermittent fasting as it’s called. Post coming soon! ) and I think that is enough fasting without having to do a 24 hour one once a week.

So it’s time to run away from the Cliff and get myself back on track. My ultimate goal is to be under 15% body fat by Christmas and there is honestly NO reason I can’t do that.

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