Civilize The Mind, Make Savage The Body.

I’m trying my best to live by this mantra.

“Civilize The Mind” – Reading, learning, always exploring new things to increase your knowledge and skills. I’ll share some of the books I’ve read and some of the things I’ve learned on this blog.

“Make Savage The Body” – While savage is a pretty strong word, I’m working to at least gain a physically fit body that can handle whatever life throws at it for challenges.

And that’s where “Ice Box Fit” comes in. The Ice Box is my unfinished garage ( I live in eastern Canada so it can get cold in there ) that I use as a home Gym. The Fit, happens daily at 6am in that Ice Box.

I do a combination of Body Weight Exercises and Cardio, leaning towards training in Boxing and Muay Thai although I’ve had no professional guidance in either so I just make it up as I go along. In other words I punch, kick, elbow, and knee the equipment in my garage gym with the hopes it will get me in shape.

Another thing I make up is some of my equipment. I’ve made my own Reflex Bag for boxing. I’ve built my own cable pulley machine using an old clothesline, an empty Laundry detergent container and some sand. Part of what I’ll do on this blog is to highlight some of that equipment and also run down some of the routines I do.

I’m a 46 year old man who is just trying to defeat the “Dad Bod”. I’m not out to become a fitness buff and carve a body of stone, I’d just like to be able to keep up with my grandkids so they don’t think of Grampy as an old man!

Have a read through some of my posts, and feel free to interact and let me know what you’re doing to “Civilize The Mind, Make Savage The Body”.