90 Day Fitness Challenge

Today starts my first 90 Day Fitness Challenge, the first step on my “Fit By Fifty” path.

They always say the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time so that’s the concept I’m going with for “Fit By Fifty”. My fiftieth birthday is next July, and my goal is to be in the best shape of my life when I hit the big 5-0.

This “Fit By Fifty” is going to consist of 3 x 90 Day Challenges, and 1 x 30 Day Push to get me to my goal.

The first challenge is happening for the next 90 days. September 5th to December 4th, 2023. I’ve outlined in my head some of the things that I want to make “habits” over the next 90 days so I’m going to put some of those down here on the Blog to try and hold myself more accountable to sticking to them.

The first, and probably hardest honestly, is ZERO Alcohol. I’m a weekend drinker. Friday night and Saturday night I have anywhere from 3 – 8 whiskeys and it KILLS my progress every weekend. I know this, so that is why I’m putting this one first. It’s probably the most important one I need to stick to.

The second is my food intake. I’ve laid out this plan for weekdays at least.
– 8:30am Banana Protein Shake.
– 10:00am Breakfast (Cereal with Fruit, Green Tea)
– 11:15am one Fruit & one Vegetable
– 12:30pm Lunch (left over supper from the night before)
– 2:30pm Almonds or Walnuts
– 5:00pm Supper

That’s it for food intake. Hopefully I’ll be eating in a caloric deficit so I can drop my body fat percentage. I’m going to do 6pm – 8:30am with no eating. That’s a 12.5hr fast so when I do my morning workout I will be in a fasted state.

The third “habit” is my workouts. I’ve developed a plan to workout 5 days a week from 6am – 7:30am. Here’s some of that plan.
– Mon & Friday: Sandbag Workout w/weighted vest
– Tues & Thursday: RAM Workout w/weighted vest & 10 Minute, HIGH INTESITY Bike Ride Outdoors
– Wednesday: Slam Ball Workout w/weighted vest
– Each day will also include my workout that consists of Arm/Ab/Chest. 4 rounds at 12 reps each.
– Each day closes out with 10, one minute rounds of Jump Rope followed by 10, one minute rounds of Boxing.

There we go. Those are the 3 biggies that I need to stick to. No Alcohol, Proper Nutrition, Workout. 90 Days of consistently doing that should make a huge difference and give me a great push towards my “Fit By Fifty” goal!

Keep checking back as I’m going to try and post more regularly as I complete these challenges.

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