I’m more of a Functional Workout kind of guy. Rather than barbell weights and dumbbells, I like to just throw around heavy objects ( including my own body weight ) and see how it goes. That’s why one of my favourite exercise tools is a Sandbag.

I’m on my second sandbag at this point. I had a no name type one I got for like $40 on Amazon and you know what it lasted a year which isn’t bad… mind you the last 2 months of that year I had it so wrapped up in duck tape in places that it didn’t even look like a sandbag.

So I went for a little better quality one when I replaced that one. I got the Synergy Pro Fitness Sandbag which is a 40 pound version of their bag. They also offer a 100 pound version for those that are more advanced. I’ll get there someday but for my first 90-day challenge, that won’t be neccessary!

I’ve been using the Synergy sandbag since April of this year and It’s great. I have a full routine that I’ve worked out by looking at YouTube videos of other people working out with Sandbags. I’ve tried to create a routine that includes workouts for every part of the body. Presses, Cleans, Squats, Jumps, Lunges.. It’s all in there.

Here’s the link to the workout I do in PDF format. Feel free to download it and try it out.

The reason I like the sandbag is because of the versatility of it. It’s easy to add / reduce weight by just adding or removing sand from it. You can swap out the bags inside the main bag using a zipper to make for quick changes.

The way the weight shifts is another reason I enjoy the Sandbag. You’re forever making adjustments to compensate for the weight moving to one side or the other which is more a realistic exercise I think than picking up a bar that has the exact same weight on both sides.

Keep in mind that I’m not here to become a Hulk or anything like that. I’m just a 49 year old man, trying to stay in good enough shape to chase my 3 year old Grandson around without constantly pulling something!

Check back in a few days as I’ll be posting about some of the other exercise routines that I’ll be doing during my 90-Day Challenge on my “Fit By Fifty” journey!

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