It’s Cardio Week

I decided to switch things up a little this week. I’m big on switching things up because that way working out doesn’t get boring, right?

So this week I decided that I’m going to do all of my daily workouts as just cardio items. This morning, Monday, consisted of Jump Rope, Battle Ropes, and Heavy Bag.

I started out with 10 minutes of fast paced jump rope. I’ve been jumping rope for a long time and I know that it’s one of the best, and yet easiest, ways to get a good cardio workout in. I have both a speed rope and a heavy rope. ( Heavy rope is home made ). I ended up doing the first 8 minutes with the speed rope and the last 2 with the Heavy Rope. There was a time, a few years back, where I jumped rope everyday and was pretty good at some tricks etc., but I’ve since reduced that down to just twice a week and only for around 5 minutes each time so I’ve lost a lot of the rhythm and skills that I used to have. I’m hoping to get that back at some point but for now I do jump rope for the cardio aspect!

Next up, one of my favorites, the battle ropes. I did 8 rounds of 45 seconds (15 seconds rest) with each round being a different style of use on the battle rope.

Round 1 – Up and Down Waves
Round 2 – Alternating Up and Down Waves
Round 3 – Side to Side
Round 4 – Alternating Side to Side
Round 5 – Grapplers Throw
Round 6 – Alternating Uppercut
Round 7 – Figure Eight
Round 8 – Ultimate Warriors

Then I was back on the jump speed rope again for another 10 minutes.

Finally, it was 8 rounds of 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest, on the Heavy Bag! My heavy bag is stuffed with old clothes and curtains. I’ve never actually weighed it to see what it weights but it is plenty heavy for what I used it for. About 12 months ago, one of my COVID isolation projects was to sew a vinyl cover for it because the burlap like material that it is made of was really hard on the hands when you tried to bare knuckle box on it ( like to the point of bleeding knuckles ) so the vinyl cover was a nice addition.

That’s it. Works out to about 36 minutes of Cardio which maybe doesn’t seem like to some when you compare it to hours spent in a gym, but I’m not out to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’m just trying to keep myself in better shape than I was yesterday!

Civilize The Mind, Make Savage The Body!

Got questions about my routine or any of the equipment linked in this post? Feel free to drop a comment below!

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