The Spartan Way – Joe De Sena

This one hit home for me with regards to living a better lifestyle. In the book, Author and Spartan Race CEO / Founder, Joe De Sena talks about the way that the ancient Spartans used to live their life.

He highlights the 10 Spartan Core Virtues:

  • Self-Awareness — Know yourself
  • Commitment — Be dedicated
  • Passion — Discover your purpose
  • Discipline — Practice diligence
  • Prioritization — Put your house in order
  • Grit — Push your limits
  • Courage — Face your fears and your failures
  • Optimism — Look for the positives
  • Integrity — Act honestly
  • Wholeness — Live as a Spartan

He shows how applying these virtues to your life can make it better. The book includes Stories which outline how to apply these virtues, and exercises created by Joe to help you implement them.

This is a must read!

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