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Android App: Boxing Round Interval Timer

I use this app to time rounds when I’m doing my boxing routines and Battle Rope routines. The app is simple but does exactly what I need it to do. This is the ONLY Android app that I have actually purchased the full version for, that’s how useful I find it to be.

So the basic concept of the app is that you can set the number of rounds you are going to do, how long each round is going to last, and how long you will break in between each round.

I have the settings as follows right now: 8 rounds, 45 seconds active, 15 seconds rest. That gives me 8 minutes.

Most weeks I use this 5 days a week. ( More-so this week because it’s Cardio Week. ) I’ll post about my routines in another post but I do a boxing routine of some kind 5 days a week and that uses this app. I also use this with my Battle Rope routines which this week have been happening every day. Plenty of use this week and this app is flawless.

Some of the features of this App:

  • 3 second count-down bell to start and end a round
  • Sound and Vibration options for that warning
  • 10 Second start warning to give you time to position yourself or your equipment

5 star recommendation if you’re looking for an app to do Round Timing!

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