DIY: Reflex Ball

In no way would I ever consider myself, or call myself, a Fighter, but I do consume copious amounts of Fight Material because hey, a guy can dream, right? One thing that is important when talking about the fight game, or any sport for that matter, is Hand-Eye coordination. How well you’re going to make out in a fight certainly relates to how well your eye can see your opponents opening, and coordinate your hand through that opening and into the tip of their nose!

So how does one work on Hand-Eye coordination? I’m going to introduce you to the Reflex Ball! But first, let me introduce you to Gabriel Varga (if you don’t already know who he is). Gabriel Varga is a Canadian Kickboxer. (Go Canada!) He’s competed in a bunch of different Promotions like Bellator and Glory and has won many awards. He also runs a Youtube Channel where he shares a TON of great information that he’s learned over the years about the Fight Scene and how to succeed in it.

When I started looking in to Boxing, the reflex ball was one of the things I saw, and saw the value of it, but it was also one of the things that I sort of pushed aside because I didn’t see any value in it from an exercise perspective as it’s not exactly going to wear you out. So yeah, I basically didn’t think about it again until I saw the video below that Gabriel Varga posted. DIY Reflex Ball… I love DIY so I was in! And it works like a charm! The items you need, I bought at the dollar store, and I already had a hat so yeah, for $3 I had a working reflex ball. I use this as often as I can. It’s not part of my daily workout. This is something I do in the evening when I have 10 minutes to spare. Sometimes while I’m BBQing I’ll pop it on my head and go at it in between flips of the burgers or steaks. It probably looks ridiculous but I can already see a great amount of improvement just in the month since I’ve built it. (and hey, I’ve only taken a ball to the face twice which I think is pretty good)

Check out the video below to see how to make your own Reflex Ball. Even if you’re not planning on getting in a ring any time, hand-eye coordination is a great skill to develop.

And hey, once you’ve made the Reflex Ball, Gabriel Varga also has a video explaining how to use it so feel free to check that, and all of his other videos on his YouTube channel out as well.

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