Setbacks Happen

I’m 4 weeks in to my 90 day challenge and I’ve had a setback. A couple of setbacks actually. The first, I got COVID. Half way through the day last Tuesday, I started getting a sore throat. By evening my throat was really sore and I didn’t sleep a wink that night with coughing and runny nose. It felt like the worst head cold I’ve ever had. I tested Wednesday morning and it came back positive. I had at least 2 more nights where I didn’t sleep well because of coughing. It’s really hard to recover from an illness when you can’t sleep, right?

Now, as a 50 year old man who smoked for 34 years, I have enough trouble breathing, so working out while in that condition just wasn’t going to be an option so I ended up missing 3 workouts. Yes, that’s an excuse, but in my books that’s a VALID excuse!

My second setback was with Alcohol. I made it almost 4 weeks but I ended up having some Rums at the bonfire on Sunday night. I knew it would be a problem because it always is. I have a real weakness for it and I don’t understand why. It gives a couple of hours of relaxation but then it takes a week to recover from that lazy feeling it gives me. That was the whole point of giving it up for the 90 days in the first place.

In all honestly, I can’t say that I had any more energy in the weeks I went without it so I’m not sure it’s helping but I’m back on the wagon and will try to make the rest of the 90 days without it. If nothing else, the day after is better because I’m not hungover.

On that note, one thing I have noticed is that part of the hangover that I normally feels is caused more by dehydration than the alcohol. I still had weekend mornings (I say weekend because I do really well with water intake during the week) where I woke up feeling hungover and that’s because I didn’t drink enough water the day before. That needs to be another key point in this whole “Fit By Fifty” journey, I need to consume 2 – 4 litres of water on the weekends like I do during the week.

There you have it. Setbacks have happened, I’m dealing with it and carrying on. I put this here as much as a reminder to myself as for anyone else that shit happens. Fall down, get back up! That is the key to success right?

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