WORKOUT #2: RamRoller

This is one that I didn’t know anything about a year ago, but figured out how to make my own based on some reading and pics that I saw online. I was browsing for different Functional training tools, because that’s what I do in my spare time, and I came across the Spartan RamRoller. (pictured to the right) From what I can tell from reading, the Spartan version is made entirely of some kind of Solid Foam and comes in varying weights so that there is one for everyone.

I watched a video of some exercise that you can do with it and I was immediately hooked. Until I added it to my cart and they told me they wouldn’t ship it to my country. You get that a lot with heavy items! That meant it was up to me to create my own, knockoff version, which I love doing!

I present to you, the IceBoxFit Ram! ( I don’t use it for rolling so I just call it a RAM, although I did design it with some foam on the outside to save my shoulders while squatting) What is it? It’s a 30 inch piece of 4″ PVC Pipe, with a coupling on each end and a piece of plywood cut to block the ends between the pipe and the coupling. So essentially, you end up with the couplings being the handles, and the 30 inch pipe is filled with weight to make the thing heavy to throw around. I have 2 x 10lb dumbbells in mine, and then I filled it the rest of the way with Sand.

Fully assembled, it’s about 36″ long and weighs 37lbs. There is a 3″ deep by 4″ wide hole on either end that allows me to hold it and do exercises like Halos, front and back squats, and presses. If you didn’t check out the video linked above yet, you should watch it to get an idea of how it’s used so you can better understand the design.

I use my RAM on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It’s full body and you can check it out right here.

As usual, when coming up with my workout plans, I try to include multiple exercises that give a full range of workout to every part of the body. I tweak and change my workouts from time-to-time when I learn something new or find something that seems to be more beneficial to my workout than something I’m currently doing.

Feel free to download the workout above and check it out. I know not everyone has a RAM in their inventory but the one I made was fairly simple and really cheap to build but it’s one of my favorite workout devices.

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